Continuum of Impact Guide

Animating Democracy’s Continuum of Impact guide defines six families of social and civic outcomes that arts practitioners and their partners commonly aspire to and achieve through creative work. These outcome families articulate ways the arts contribute to making change happen.

As a practical resource, the Continuum of Impact can help you:

  • Articulate clear and realistic Outcomes that can guide program and project design and make it easier to demonstrate what seems intangible.
  • Define Indicators or evidence of change that can be observed and measured.
  • Begin crafting an evaluation Plan to collect and use data to substantiate and report outcomes and impact.
  • Consider which Data Collection methods will help you collect evidence of change.

Check out the Continuum of Impact guide where you’ll find:

  • definitions of the outcomes in each family
  • types of indicators
  • a case study including sample outcomes, indicators, and evaluation plan
  • downloadable, writeable PDF worksheets to outline your own outcomes, indicators and evaluation plan

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Outcomes Definitions / Indicators / Worksheets

            Create Your Own Evaluation Plan

Resources – Fundamentals of Evaluating Arts for Change