LaLaugh Productions Laura Sottile

Artist Statement: 

As an actress. singer, composer, choreographer, director, and published author I have had fun with recreating the human condition. Satirically speaking Comedy has been my biggest joy and release when it comes to some of the pain that this beautiful existence can foster. My work is focused now on the human race being the only one of all relations that's lost the inner knowing of it's purpose. OUCH!  It hurts. Egoistic Growth does not create social justice! Only the Ego benefits and the Ego never gets enough.The lost trust in human relationships is hurting us and the enviroment. My new character: GHR will be narrating this next Journey. Video and Theatre, to be completed OCTOBER 2016.

                           MISSION STATEMENT

                                                Re-creating the Social Script



Social Change Goals:

To regain trust in Human Relationships. To love and respect each other, drop the unbridled pursuit of a dream riddled with egoistic growth, high speed, high tech world of abstraction which creates environmental devastation, ethical bankruptcy, and cultural confusion.



The knowing that genuine living is genuine meeting. 

This is where ART begins, between us, literally.


My projected outcome:

A gradual profound awakening on the whole of society, through society, a coming home. Certainly Idealistic, but I am willing to start with my art and involve as many other artists who have the same agonizing imperative of embracing this goal and bringing into material existence through our deepest, noblest, and most honorable heart.



Completed Project:

OBSESSIVE JEANS, (see Video - 4m)

A comedy showing the struggles of a woman who is trying to live the life that society assigned her and realizes how it is gravely unfulfilling.



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