TerraLuna Collaborative


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Minneapolis, MN55408
United States
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Service Organization
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TerraLuna Collaborative views the arts as humanity’s developmental evaluation. Arts-Based Evaluation (ABE) collects, analyzes, and reports data through artistic methods. Examples of ABE methods include photovoice, the visual matrix, verbatim theatre, and gesture harvesting. Coupled with applied neuroaesthetics, Arts-Based Evaluation creates ongoing and dynamic emotional connections to data, inspiring positive change.

TerraLuna Collaborative is a cooperative consulting firm specializing in evaluation, organization and program development, and research. We specialize in arts-based evaluation and other methodologies, guided by these values:

  • Social Justice. Civil rights, human rights, and human dignity develop remedies to historical and systemic inequities.
  • Social Equity. We work within non-discriminatory and accessible systems which account for the unique needs and obstacles of individuals and communities.
  • Human Focus. All people share the same basic desires: to have their basic needs met; to love and be loved; to see and be seen; to have and realize their dreams; to hear and be heard, and to find belonging and purpose in communities.
  • Inclusive and Responsive Collaboration. Inclusive and responsive strategies elevate fresh insights, diverse perspectives, and marginalized voices.
  • One Size Does Not Fit All. Evaluation is a continuous process of self-discovery, reflection, and inquiry which finds solutions by lifting up marginalized voices, employing effective methods, and recognizing specific lived experiences.