Ogden Museum of Southern Art


925 Camp St.
New Orleans, LA70130
United States
Organization Type: 
Arts Organization
Programs and Services: 

The mission of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art is to broaden the knowledge, understanding, interpretation, and appreciation of the visual arts and culture of the American South through its events, permanent collections, changing exhibitions, educational programs, publications, and research.

The Ogden Museum firmly backs the principle that the enrichment and recreation art provides are crucial to a productive, well-rounded life, and seeks to ensure equal access to the arts for all. The mission of the Education Department is to create innovative programs designed to bring art and people together to explore the rich and varied cultural identities of the South.

The goals of the Education Department are:

  1. To offer tours, programs, resources, and materials that teach and engage adults, children, educators, and students in the world of southern art
  2. To provide opportunities for people to make meaningful connections with southern art and artists
  3. To create programs that are inventive and challenging, that cultivate critical and creative thinking, and that encourage curiosity and reflection
  4. To engage the community through a diverse program of educational activities in order to foster a lifelong involvement in the arts
  5. To provides a wide range of programming from early childhood through adulthood that includes interaction with art, artists and educators both onsite and in the community.
  6. To create programs built on respect for the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas that artists and viewers bring to the museum experience
  7. To work with partners who support our mission through shared values and interests