Minneapolis Art on Wheels


Minneapolis, MN55455
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Arts Organization
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MAW is Magic and Wizardry, More Art Wherever, Maybe After Work, Media At Work and Minneapolis Art on Wheels.

MAW is a vehicle for activating public spaces with large-scale projections of sound and video. MAW develops software, hardware and methodologies for participatory urban projection, and helps artists and community organizations utilize these instruments to creatively claim and transform public spaces. MAW disseminates these instruments and works with artists interested in technology to promote mobile public projection. MAW aims to connect patrons with artists and artists with communities through commissioning programs. Commissioning programs are tailored to the needs of a specific event and include performances on-demand, training of artist with a mission, and collaborative development of public performance events sought by community organizations.

Commissioning paradigms include:
-Patron commissioning MAW for live-projection performance events
-Community organization commissioning MAW for live-projection performance events
-Community organization commissioning artist interested in working with MAW’s instruments
-MAW commissioning artists to create works that become part of MAW’s repertoire

MAW’s activities include: public performances and interventions, experimental audio-visual works, interactive mobile media experiences or novel open source software instruments or performance tools.

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