Headwaters Foundation for Justice


2801 21st Ave S Ste 132-B
Minneapolis, MN55407
United States
(612) 879-0602
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Nonprofit Organization (that makes grants)
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General Grantmaking
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Our foundation's name refers to the narrow source of a river— the headwaters. The organizations we fund are small, but, very quickly, the work they do becomes a powerful, rushing current, working to wipe social injustice from the community. Unlike large, bureaucratic operations, the small, grass-roots organizations we fund make a real difference with limited resources.

The small detail is that injustice is often invisible. It takes a lot of dedicated people and groups seeing it for what it is and working where injustice thrives in order to make big change possible, but change is happening. Almost three decades of our work — and, more importantly, the work of the tireless groups we fund — has had a measurable effect.

Our role is right in the middle, between the big picture and the small details, making sure we fund the fight well, connecting those with means with those on the front lines of change, and training grassroots organizations so their roots reach even deeper and wider. Our mission — our passion — is to continue to be a catalyst for social, racial, economic and environmental justice.